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The Malvern provides a comprehensive range of high quality specialist skincare treatments - including Laser / IPL and Advanced Electrolysis - that can be tailored specifically to your individual needs using state of the art technology, plus a full range of professional beauty treatments individually tailored to provide an enjoyable experience of pure indulgence to escape the stresses of everyday life.

. . . The Malvern Updates . . .

Latest Covid Guidance: July 19th onwards:

As everyone is aware, the government has eased the restrictions regarding the wearing of masks, etc. from July 19th. Below is The Malvern's view of how we should move forward. Both as a short version and a longer version which explains it in more detail.

The Shorter Version 

Thank you so much for following my Covid safety measures thus far during the pandemic.

I am acting under the guidance of both my compliance experts and my insurance company.

The Malvern is going to keep the stringent safety measures I have adopted for the time being.

So please wear your masks whilst in the building and please continue to complete the Covid assessment form I give you before your appointment.

The Longer Version 

This is to keep you up to date with what will happen at The Malvern from July 19th onwards. I want to respect everyone's individuality and yet keep my commitment to your safety.

The lifting of the Covid safety restrictions that have governed our lives and protected us over the past 18 months, is becoming a reality. This will bring about the closest version of pre-pandemic normality in England since before the start of coronavirus restrictions. This pending change is creating debates everywhere, from the Houses of Parliament to friends and family.

We all have our own thoughts on whether they should or should not lift restrictions. Whatever conclusion people may come to, there is an underlying bubbling confidence in the country. I would like to say a huge thank you for how you adapted to my Covid safety measures over this period; from waiting outside the building, Covid assessments prior to entering the building, and to not running a mile when you see me wearing my PPE!

Furthermore, I cannot put into words how motivating your abundance of appreciative comments have been during these difficult times. I understand that some clients will be ditching their masks with great pleasure whilst others will be clutching on to them, as they are not quite ready to take the next step.

I have always put the safety of my clients at the forefront of my decisions and now is no different. I have considered the guidance from the governing bodies and the safety concerns of my clients. So, even though restrictions are changing in social settings, within my health care environment, I am going to keep the stringent safety measures I have adopted the same.

I am mindful of my clients who are not ready for change as well as my more vulnerable clients and I therefore ask all of my clients to respect my decision as well as the safety of other clients and continue to follow all of my Covid safety measures. Be completely reassured that every procedure I have in place has safety and peace of mind at its core.

I will continue to be educated by the facts and figures, by the governing bodies, by listening to my clients and when changes to your client journey are implemented, be assured I will share this with you.

In the meantime, please wear your masks whilst in the building, and continue to complete your Covid assessments before you attend as before.

I thank you for your continued cooperation with my safety measures, your confidence in The Malvern and your caring response to what I do. Stay safe and keep healthy!

Kind regards, Yvette



The house build is now complete and the driveway has been finished.  Therefore parking is now again available onsite.  Please park facing the clinic, where two parking bays have been signposted.  There is a turning point to side of the garage to enable you to turn around and drive out of the driveway.

Sunday, 5th April:  

Following the governments announcement this evening, it is with great delight and relief that I can confirm The Malvern will reopen on Monday 12th April 2021.

Important: New Covid Guidance

Some new guidance has emerged this week regarding treatment post vaccine and post Covid-19, so that any symptoms can correctly be attributed should they occur. It seems that in rare cases the vaccine can potentially trigger the immune system to attack any foreign substance in the body. The professional bodies have therefore decided as a precaution, to advise no electrical treatment (including electrolysis and laser) 2 weeks post vaccine and post Covid-19 recovery, and that eyelash and eyebrow tinting and laser patients be retested.

If you fall into any of the above categories - and have received a Covid vaccine (or are recovering from Covid-19) two weeks prior to your appointment - please can I request that you reschedule your electrolysis or laser appointment.

Additionally for laser appointments, If you have received a vaccine or are recovering from Covid-19, please book a retest 7 days prior to your next appointment.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email me or leave a message for me on 0118 932 1817.

I very much look forward to welcoming you back to the clinic from next Monday.

With best wishes,



Covid-19 Changes:

Please take a moment to become familiar with the essential changes due to Covid-19

Please bring a face covering. This MUST be worn for the duration of your visit at the clinic. (For Facial treatments, the mask will be removed just prior to your treatment commencing)
Please arrive just in time for your scheduled appointment. (Govt. guidelines). Please wait outside & we will welcome you in.
Please use the hand sanitiser provided or wash your hands, before and after your visit.
A temperature reading will be taken remotely from your forehead prior to your appointment.
Have you had the recent onset of a new continuous cough? Do you have a high temperature? Have you noticed a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell? If yes to any of these symptoms, however mild, you must stay at home and reschedule your appointment. (Govt. guidelines).
To protect you, and our fellow guests we reserve the right to reschedule any person attending with symptoms.
An added 15 minutes will be automatically scheduled between clients to prevent any contact with other clients. This is to allow for an appointment to be booked and to provide me with the time to ensure that all the necessary sanitising can be done before the next client arrives.
The government guidelines dictate that (for now) I am unable to provide refreshments while visiting the clinic. However, please feel free to bring your own bottle of water. Also, I am not allowed to provide magazines during this time.
Please come alone and do not bring guests or family members with you unless you have a carer or partner helping with health and mobility issues.

Due to the house build, parking is still not available outside the clinic. As the build is progressing nicely, I’m hoping you’ll be able to park outside the clinic again soon. As with all building projects, I am sure we will have the odd hiccup, which I apologise in advance for.

There are no parking restrictions on the main road in front of the property. After dusk the site is flood lit, so visibility is good and the builders will have finished for the day. So please feel free to park in front of the entrance off the road if you prefer - you will not be blocking anyone.


March 17th Update:

The latest edition of The Malvern Newsletter has been sent out today with details of our reopening plans and dates.  If you don't currently receive a copy but would like to, please email me on and I'll be happy to add you to the list.

February 23rd Update:

I was delighted to hear the Government’s announcement last night that, all being well, personal care premises, such as hairdressers, close contact services and indoor leisure facilities will hopefully be able to reopen again in April. This will be confirmed by the Government, 7 days prior to the opening date.

I am going to be a little cautious and watch the numbers over the next few weeks, with the hope that I can start taking appointments from mid March. Last time the reopening date was moved three times, so this time I will try to avoid that happening again.

I will keep this website updated with all news regarding the reopening of The Malvern and will send out an email as soon as the diary is open to take appointment bookings again.

The light is coming and it will only be a short while now before I look forward to welcoming you back to The Malvern.


January 2nd Update

Happy New Year - Welcome to 2021 – Let’s hope this brings a new beginning and a much deserved healthy and happy 2021.  Following the government’s review of the Tiers on 30th December, my clinic remains closed until further notice. If you have an appointment over the next few weeks this appointment will be cancelled. I will keep you advised of any new developments as to when I can reopen via email and social media.

Thank you for your amazing support throughout 2020 and I wish you a healthier and happier 2021. Take care of yourself, stay safe, and I look forward to welcoming you again soon

My very best wishes


. . . Previous News at The Malvern . . .


The Malvern has managed to keep its pricing static for the last 2 years.  However, due to rising costs from suppliers, some treatments have now increased in price.

We have added a new Privacy Policy page - there's a link to it at the foot of every page now.

We have added a new 'Advanced Electroysis' page talking about the treatments for Skin Tags, Milia/Whiteheads, Warts, Veruccas, Red-veins, etc.  Click on the Advanced Electrolysis button for more details!

We were having some issues with the 'Contact Us' page - these have now been fixed.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

We have introduced some exciting new Environ and Guinot treatments - see the Treatments page for details!

Please also note that - after managing to keep our prices flat for almost the past 3 years - we have now been forced to pass on some increases.  See the pricing pages for details.  

Check out both the new Advanced Nutrition Programme™ and Environ treatment and product ranges - ask for more details.


What are your concerns? Or the results you want?

Are you looking to treat unwanted hair, thread veins, pigmentation problems, skin rejuvenation, removal of milia, skin tags, moles and warts?

Our highly qualified staff will offer you a thorough consultation and a caring approach to offer a tailor made treatment plan specifically for you.

Or how about some pampering?...

Why not have a waxing before going on holiday ~ or treat yourself to a Guinot facial or a Jessica manicure?  Go on ~ pamper yourself!  See our full list of treatments and/or price list for complete details.


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